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Rabbi Gershon Litt


Rabbi Gershon Litt grew up in Houston, TX. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1997  where he received his BS in Speech Communication. Rabbi Litt then attended yeshivahs in Israel and New York until he was ordained in 2001. 

Rabbi Litt has led over 30 Birthright Israel trips over the past 18 years. Rabbi Litt’s Hillel experience began when he was the student president of the University of Texas Hillel and has been working with Hillels professionally for almost 15 years. Now, he is proud to be able to say that he is working for Hillel as the Director of Hillel at William and Mary.  Rabbi Litt also works with the Department of Defense as a civilian contractor offering Jewish chaplaincy services, and serves as rabbi to a synagogue in Newport News, VA.

Rabbi Litt says his most important job is being husband to a wonderful wife, Sara, and father to five boys, Yitzi, Aryeh, Yosef, Yehudah, and Dovid.

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