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  • Shabbat Meals
    $5,000 – Name an entire Shabbat’s worth of activities, including a 200 person meal at Hillel, North Campus dinner, Greek House programming and Shabbat Kiddush $1,800 – Covers the Shabbat experience in the main Hillel dining hall for some 150 students. $1,000 – Funds a niche Shabbat gathering i.e. Global Justice Shabbat, Building Bridges Shabbat, Greek New Member Shabbar $540 – Funds a Hillel program in a Greek House $180 – Funds an intimate Shabbat gather for 10 students i.e. Alternative Break Reunion Dinner Kiddush $540 – Funds annual Gala Kiddush for over 300 students $180 – Funds a weekly sponsored Shabbat Kiddush i.e. Birthday, Yahrzeits, Sports Championship
  • Learn With Us
    $1,800 – Funds a semester of an intensive Jewish learning experience like the Jewish learning fellowship $1,000 – Underwrites a day’s worth of educational programming at Hillel $540 – Covers Torah Tuesdays for 80 students to learn the parsha of the week $360 – Co-sponsors a large scale learning program like the Jewish Learning Fellowship $180 – Sponors a shiur or d’var Torah $72 – Funds an electronic Torah thought offered by a rabbi or Jewish educator
  • Trips
    $5,000 – Underwrites Israel Fest for 2,000 students $3,600 – Provides an outside educator for a Shabbat $1,800–Funds Israel Week Dinner at STAMP
  • Events
    Contact the Development Team for pricing. Maryland Parents Weekend Hillel Parents Weekend Graduation
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